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D'Alembert Live Online Roulette Strategies Explained - Expert Guide


Learn how the D'Alembert roulette strategy works and how you can use it when you play online roulette.

Best Live Online Roulette Strategy - D'Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Live Online Roulette Strategies, devised by a French mathematician in the 1800s, remains an enduring and engaging method. It's frequently compared to the Martingale strategy but offers lower risk. Learn more about its simplicity and effectiveness.

D'Alembert Strategy Explained

The D’Alembert strategy is tailored for even bets, such as red or black, employing a straightforward approach. Select a designated unit amount, say $1, and adjust bets accordingly: reduce by one unit after a win and increase by one unit after a loss.

For each bet in roulette, the odds of winning hover around 48%, varying based on the roulette variant. The strategy aims to potentially balance your bets over time. However, roulette primarily relies on luck, so strategies like these are most effective for managing your bankroll.

Here’s an example of how the D’Alembert strategy works for roulette:

Bet Amount
























What are the pro's and con's of the D'Alembert Roulette strategy?


  • It’s a good way to manage your bankroll

  • The method is easy to pick up compared to other strategies

  • You set the unit amount, so you’re in control of your spending Cons

  • You could go on a losing streak, as with many casino games.

  • It’s unlikely you will win big sums of money

The reverse D'Alembert strategy

True to its name, the Reverse D’Alembert strategy flips the original approach. Here, bets increase after a win and decrease after a loss. Similar to its predecessor, it sticks to the same rules, adjusting bets by one unit and allowing players to choose their unit value.

D’Alembert vs Reverse D’Alembert strategy: which is better?

Each strategy maintains similar odds of around 48% for winning bets, contingent on the specific roulette variant. As roulette hinges on chance, determining which strategy yields greater profitability remains uncertain. It's advisable to commit to one strategy throughout the game to maintain consistency. While it might be enticing to switch, doing so undermines the strategy's efficacy.

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